We are so excited that renowned Detroit poet and hip hop artist, Deidre D.S.SENSE Smith, wrote and performed a beautiful piece called "Ruby- A Poem For Women" at Bell Global Justice Institute's International Day of the Girl event in Detroit on October 15, 2016!

We are extremely thankful to Dssence for writing this very beautiful piece especially for Bell Global Justice Institute and in honor of International Day of the Girl for 2016!

We hope "Ruby - A Poem For Women" inspires you as much as it inspires all of us! 



From strong stock she comes/ fashionably stitched even when her heart has become undone/  and her thoughts are everywhere but here...she is still present/ planning the next agenda, engineering the next cure/ receiving the Nobel prize/ birthing our next Einstein and raising our next Shirley Chisholm. Michaelangelo couldn't schizzile a finer masterpiece, If it's perfection that you want just ask for me/ mother of many nations bringing forth sun zu's and Barack's/ making do with what she got and if her pay was docked...you were non the wiser/ she gives all that she has never known to be a miser/ Dynasty minded, She was on the front line demanding that wages were higher and you thought she'd be satisfied with just being hired/ How do you light a fire under somebody's ass? Just ask a woman to show you/ two arms and two hands aren't aren't merely limbs, they're tentacles stretching in eight opposite directions like octopi under water but never drowning she stays afloat/ and if I hadn't done it myself I'd call it a hoax/ this ain't an optical illusion and I'm no David Copperfield/ I am crown and throne stole and thrown into cotton field, cotton gin to steel mill/ She, patented iron comb applied it to cotton hair and made a few Mil/ Dollars that is...I am sticks and stones may break my bones but you'd better not touch my kids/ I'll tell you like it T.I. tis' when it comes to them...slim with the tilted brim/ I'm  easter sharp for Bible study feminine and ruddy, prestine in nurses scrubs or work boot muddy/ supporting cast or leading role I am assertiveness and humilty able to take or assign control/ I am smorgasbord in famine I am jubilee to lament and everything inbetween, cover the whole  gammet/ I bring home the bacon...better yet the wild boar/ I Cook it while looking over homework and chores/ what are you applauding for?/ This is all in a days work just rub my back and feet when they hurt/ Show me that in this man's world...you know a woman's worth/

copyrighted 2016